Murdo Girl…Thanksgiving Day has changed

Every year we celebrate a day we call Thanksgiving

It’s a great reminder of the thanks we should be giving

This year, things have been different, our life was rearranged

And so, at least for us, Thanksgiving Day has changed

The love and hope and prayers, each special little gift

The miles you drove to be there all gave us such a lift

I’m sitting here this morning after saying a tearful prayer

We saw God through all of you, and knew that He was there

Yes, it’s been a year much different than any year before

We’re so filled with thankfullness, we couldn’t hold much more

We’ll eat a lot of turkey and think of family everywhere

We’re full of thanks for them, and all the love we share

Thanksgiving Day is once a year. It’s a day of gratitude

For us the day has changed. We have a different attitude

Every day will be a day of thanks, and this is what we vow

We’ll celebrate the yesterdays and be more thankful for the now!

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful friends and family,


Kip and Mary

I wrote this in 2019 after recovering from some health issues. Reading it on this Thanksgiving Day makes me full of gratitude. May you have a safe and blessed day.