Murdo Girl…Happy New Year

Here is how the day in the life of a Queen celebrating her 68th birthday goes!

1) Gathers subjects and discusses the day’s expectations with them.

Had brunch at the Mosquito Cafe

2) Attends a golf tournament honoring herself (Queen MG).

Cary appears to be throwing his head back in laughter at another Pro’s shot…

3) Sits around a fire pit and tells stories (photographer didn’t show.)

4) Rests for an hour before attending potluck/game night in her honor.

When a Buffalo Flies
I think this guy is a local reporter
Ahhh… a comfy throne

5) Soaks with some of her special peeps in RV park hot tub (photographers were not allowed)

6) Queen goes back to Queen’s RV Coach, reads all of the wonderful Facebook birthday greetings

7) Watches the movie, Flipper, on television while waiting for the ball to drop in New York

Too bad everyone can’t experience such a Royal birthday bash…or at least attend one.

Star surfer dude was at the party. The Queen had her picture taken with him, but alas, it didn’t turn out.