Murdo Girl…She talks too much

Seriously…I had this dream last night????

I had a dream last night that really garnered my attention.

Several of my friends came by to do an intervention.

One began by saying I was aggravating them.

The next one rolled her eyes and said a loud, “Amen.”

The third friend very bluntly said I talked incessantly.

Afternoons went by, and no one talked but me.

I told story after story that bored them all to death.

I could rattle ten off, and never take a breath.

My friends were all concerned  about the way that I embellish,

When I talk about the old times I so obviously relish.

All this intervening lasted way too long.

I didn’t have a chance to say I knew I’d done them wrong.

As only luck would have it we were lunching the next day.

I told them they must give me time so I could have my say.

I began to talk and talk and then before I knew it.

I looked around the table and thought, boy I really blew it.

Then I realized it doesn’t matter anyway.

It was just a dream. My tales will live another day.

Have I told you about the time, and I remember when?

If I’ve told you once, I must tell you all again.

So if you should decide you want to plan my intervention,

And you wish that I would have just a little comprehension,

Of the point you’re trying to make, you should wait until daybreak.

I only talk too much when I’m awake.