Murdo Girl…Living the dream, 29, Be brave

“Can we go back to the cabin?” Alice asked. “That fire is scaring me.”

The wind had come up and instead of letting the fire die down, Mrs. Morris had continued to stoke it and throw more pieces of firewood on it.

“We’re almost out of wood and we haven’t even had our picnic yet,” Vanessa said. “Would you like Alice and me to take the wagon back to the cabin and get some more? The walk isn’t that far.”

“No! Mrs. Morris’ was becoming aggitated. “We’ll eat now. The days are still short and it will be getting dark, soon. We’ll let the fire burn down some and then before we leave, you can help me put it out, Jennifer.”

“My name is not Jennifer, It’s Vanessa, and I’m not your daughter.”

This drew a stern look from Mrs. Morris. “Hush Jennifer, ” she said. By the way, I’ve decided you should go live with your aunt. You were always a daddy’s girl, and now that he’s gone. she can deal with you for a while. Now, let’s unpack this lunch and eat. I’m getting weary, and we should all be heading back to the cabin.”

Later that evening, after they all went to bed, Vanessa left Alice sleeping in their room, and tiptoed to listen at Mrs. Morris’ door. She dared to open it a crack and saw her in what appeared to be a deep sleep.

Back in their room, Vanessa woke her little sister and told her to hurry and dress. “We have to try and find our way to the main road,” she said. “Mrs. Morris won’t be keeping such a close watch on us tonight. The walk in the woods really tired her.”

Finding the road would not be easy. The girls had been blindfolded on the drive there. It was as black as coal outside and they had only been able to find one flashlight.

“Don’t worry, Alice,” Vanessa tried to reassure her little sister. “Daddy is looking for us and I’m sure he’ll find us, soon.”