Murdo Girl…Yram helps out Queen E.

Hi…I’m Yram Sicnarf, crack-up reporter from Gun Barrel City. I snagged an interview with Queen E. who has always been Mum, but recently, she’s  been a mum mum where Merry (Megan and Harry) are concerned. You can overeavesdrop on the interview.

Yram: So Queen E, how’s the world been treatin ya? I haven’t seen you since MG ran for Next Pres.

QE: Chip, Chip Cheerio, Yram…Too bad she didn’t get signed up in all fifty states. It could have made a difference. It sure was a fun campaign, though. I guess you know about my monarchy mess. Do you know how old I am Yram?

Yram: Don’t you?

QE: I’m 93…ninety plus three… Meg wants to do a voice-over for Disney. I was offered that part 69 years ago. I sure wish I would have taken it.


Yram: I’m pretty sure there’s been more than one. Say…why don’t give Meg a run for her money? You should audition for the part. Never give up on your daydream Queen E.

QE: You mean a run for MY money. I’ll do it. Do you mind if I call my agent?

Yram: Uh, no. When was the last time you talked to him?

QE: 69 years ago but I’m sure he’ll remember me. (Queen E dials the number. Someone answers. We only hear the Queen’s side of the conversation. “What do you mean he’s in the slammer?” The Queen hangs up the phone.) Well, Yram…YOU can get me that part. Cam can run things around here for a while.



Yram: I’ll get Airy Airhart and Windy Berg to crank up the Cesna. Could you lay a few pounds on us, Queen E? We barely had enough gas to get over the pond, today.


Windy: Well…It looks like we’re almost ready for take-off, Airy. All we have to do is wait for Yram and Queen E. to show up… and I still have to file my nails. Are you ready?”

Airy: I just have to put on my Jr. Pilot pin. I’ve had this thing since third grade. Yram said we’re going to Disneyland. Can we land on the Matterhorn? 

Windy: Sure, sounds like fun.


We made it! Look! There’s Minnie and Mickey. “Will you get us out of here Mickey and Minnie?”





Yram: Excuse me sir…Can you please take me to see Walt Disney? He thinks his little Princess Elsa is cool, just wait until he gets a load of Queen E! She’s got this job in the bag. Have fun in Canada Merry!

Hey! What’s Lav doing in that hot-air balloon?