Murdo Girl..Living the dream, 37, Evil takes over

“There are some things I don’t understand, Kat.” Jack and Kat were sitting in the hospital waiting room while Vanessa slept. Dr. Clark was keeping her well sedated while she recovered from all of those hours in the freezing temperatures.

They were continuing to try to stabilize poor little Alice whose condition was much more critical than Vanessa’s. Her blood pressure had dropped so low from the effects of hours in the snowstorm, the fear was, it had done permanent damage. She needed to be in a larger, more well equipped hospital, but as of yet, it was too dangerous to move her.

“You’re wondering how Annette and her mother could do this aren’t you?” Kat got up and got herself a glass of water.

“Yes and why…why Kat, would Edith Morris take my daughters to the place their mother had been fatally burned while they watched it all happen?”

“We need to find Annette,” Kat said. “I need to know if my mother was Edith Morris’ sister, and if she was, what does that tell me about my past.”

“It tells you she practically abandoned you while she lived in Seattle and raised my sister.” Unbeknownst to Jack and Kat, Annette had arrived and overheard the last part of the conversation. “As far as why? My mother, your aunt, never accepted the fact that after our father died, Jennifer wanted nothing to do with us and was finally allowed to go to Seattle and live with your mother. I was left to deal with the insanity that overcame our mother. I was eight years old when Jennifer left. All this happened because my mother is insane… and violent.”

“I occasionally saw my mother during those years,” Kat said. “But it was my understanding her work took her overseas. If your mother was too sick to care for you, why didn’t my mother take you to raise as well? She was your aunt, too.”

“I had the same question which is why I tracked down Aunt Claire. Jack was already working with her, but I had no idea he had been Jennifer’s husband until your Thanksgiving party.”

“Is that why you left the party so suddenly?” Kat asked.

The doctor came into the room before Annette could answer.

“Mrs. Morris is awake and asking to see her daughter. You can go in, but don’t stay long. She is in a lot of pain and we’re having to constantly treat her burns to avoid infection.” With that, Dr. Clark started to lead Annette to her mother’s room, but she didn’t move.

“Would you like me to go with you?” Kat asked. It didn’t seem real that the woman lying in there so badly injured was her aunt. Annette nodded in response to Kat’s question.

Both were shocked by what they saw when they entered the room. Kat heard Annette gasp and it was her natural instinct to put her arm around her cousin’s shoulders.

“Whose there? I can’t see you.”

“It’s Annette, Mother.”

“I wanted to see Jennifer! I asked them to bring my daughter to me!”

Edith Morris was so upset, she could be heard in the hallway, which prompted a nurse to come and see what was going on.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” the nurse said as she rushed to calm her patient.

Back in the waiting room, Jack was talking with two doctors and another man.

“We’re ready to go as soon as you are, Doctor,” the man said.

Doctor Cark turned to Jack and told him they needed to move Alice while the weather was cooperating. The danger of keeping her at Danfield’s small hospital too much longer, out weighed the risk of moving her.

Jack saw Kat and Annette walk into the room. “Kat, can you stay and look after Vanessa? They’re flying Alice to a Boston hospital and I’m going with them.”

“Of course, Jack. “Please keep me informed.”

Later that night, Vanessa woke up to a quiet hospital. Her thoughts immediately went to her sister, Alice.

She needed to see her. She decided to slip out of her bed and find her sister’s room. Quietly, she walked down the hall looking at the names on the little inserts until she came to the one that said Alice Stein.

All Vanessa saw when she entered the room was an empty hospital bed. Thinking the worst, she immediately began to scream.

Hearing Vanessa’s screams, the nurse who was two rooms down came running.

“Your sister is gone, honey. Let me help you back to your room.”

All Vanessa heard was, “Your sister is gone.”

Vanessa layed in her bed that night and she remembered. She remembered her mother pushing her away from the fire Mrs. Morris had built and her mother’s beautiful dress catching on fire. She remembered another fire Mrs. Morris built when they all went to have a picnic, and she remembered the evil woman who had been badly burned, sitting next to her in the back of the police car.

“Why did you leave me?” She had asked.

“She has to be stopped!” Vanessa whispered. “Mrs. Morris has to be stopped!”