Murdo Girl…Getting reunion ready

I haven’t been to a reunion since 2016, but I still remember all the things I have to do to get ready. You might want to take notes if you have a reunion of any kind coming up. Well, not any kind…only where you’ll be seeing people who haven’t seen you in a while.

Rule #1: Be sure and give yourself enough time.

Don’t set goals that are impossible to reach. For example…I’m meeting Billy, Gus, and Cousin Valerie at the gathering of people who are from Jones County, which is held in Mesa, Arizona every year. We went in 2018 and had a great time. This year it’s on February 6th, so I started getting ready several hours ago.

Rule #2: Gain ten pounds.

I usually need to lose some weight or at least keep from adding el-bees. It’s amazing how quickly those pounds I lost when I was having all those surgeries showed up again. My goal this time was to lose five of them. Instead, like always, I’m on my way to gaining five more. Yesterday, I made Joyce Hurst’s chocolate fudge cream pie from the Jones County Bicentennial Cookbook. I might have time to make it again before the reunion, or I might make Fern Penticoff’s yummy chocolate cake. Both are good for one to two pounds.

I use my cookbook a lot as you can see by the condition it’s in.

Rule #3: Get a really bad haircut

Even though I know from past experience that I’ll be unhappy with the outcome, I have to do it anyway. It always, always, turns out too short and it in no way resembles the ten pictures I have shown the beautician…or stylist, or whatever you call them now.

I just got the too short haircut a week ago, so no matter how much I pull on it, I won’t be able to get it the right length in time.

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes I throw in no sleep the night before, which will happen this time because I have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to make it to the airport on time.

I shared my “before reunion” routine with Judy Dykstra-Brown, who plans to attend the Jones County gathering. She informed me that she’s gone through the steps and she’s ready to go. She’s such an overachiever.

Cousin Valerie never follows the rules. I try not to be in too many pictures with her.