Murdo Girl…Catching up and whodunnit

We’re nearing the end of the Living the dream, whodunnit story, and I have to say I’ve really had fun with it. There is a new chapter a couple of paragraphs down.

I’ve been busy doing nothing since I got home from the Jones County gathering. It’s not that I don’t have plenty to do, it’s that I injured myself. You know you’re getting old when you blow a knee just by standing up. It happened Friday shortly after we got home from the airport. I’ve tried to manage the swelling and pain by staying off of it and applying ice and heat.

This morning, I’m able to put a little weight on it. I worry that it’s going to give out on me.

Speaking of doctors, which we weren’t, I go back to UTSW the end of this week and the first of next week for follow-up tests and appointments with the two oncologists I see. I’m also having another colonoscopy. I’m not at all concerned about anything other than the colonoscopy. A lot of new polyps would not be a good thing.

It will be a year on Valentine’s Day since I had my first surgery. In the beginning, I promised to keep you up to date and I continue to emphasize that early detection is the key.

I’ve come to realize that for someone who is not a joiner, I’ve joined a lot of clubs. I’m now a proud member of the local Women’s Club in addition to the Literary Club, and the Book Club. I’m also being encouraged to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It’s probably too much, but I enjoy them.

I’m also working on a storybook of nursery rhymes and photos for a friend’s granddaughter and co-writing a series of children’s Christian stories with another friend. Both have been slow going.

This is beginning to sound like a Christmas letter that no one will read. I guess the raining and the hurting are crushing my creativity.

Here’s a twist for you…

When Kat and Annette left the hospital, they stopped at the Roadside Cafe where they expected to see the detective, Paul, and Jack. Sandy told them the detective was checking on a lead and Jack was going to have lunch at the hospital with Vanessa. They were all supposed to meet back at the cafe at 1:00.

“Shall we just grab a sandwich here,” Kat said. “I’m getting pretty hungry.”

“Me too. For some reason, a cheeseburger sounds good.” Annette hadn’t eaten much in days.

Sandy put the orders in and since there weren’t many customers, she sat down to visit. Gossip that she was, she wanted to hear the latest.

“Where’s Paul?” Annette asked.

“He’s cooking at the moment. The cook who didn’t make it in this morning, called and said she got mixed up and thought she had the day off. She’s supposed to be here at one. I guess since she’s fairly new, Paul let it go.”

Paul came out with the sandwiches. “Here you go, ladies. Lunch is on the house. Thanks to you, Annette, I’m going to smell like a cheeseburger for the rest of the day”

At one o’clock, Paul was still waiting for the cook, and Jack returned from seeing Vanessa. The detective got there a few minutes later.

“I guess we need to fill you in on what we learned at the hospital,” Kat volunteered. “It seems the nurse who checked on Edith Morris just before she died, was an imposter.”

The detective and Jack looked surprised. Paul got up and cleared the table. Sandy excuse herself and followed Paul into the kitchen.

Forty-five minutes after 1:00, the cook drove up and parked close to the restaurant. The group seated at the table didn’t see her get out of the car and go into the kitchen through the back door.

“I shouldn’t have told you to come in” Paul said. “They’re all here.”

“So are we,” Sandy said. “Everything is as it should be.”