Murdo Girl…Language barrier

She saw herself as brave. Some thought she was a prude.

She called herself progressive, while others called her rude.

“You’re a small town girl,” they said. “Your world needs to expand.”

“You need to lighten up. Is your head stuck in the sand?

We speak a different language and use words people will hear.

The masses never listen. You must speak loud, my dear.”

“And also while you’re at it, your perceptions must adjust.

To get you in the groove, losing filters is a must.

Tell everybody’s secrets in person, book, or call.”

“And never act offended…by crude language most of all.

It won’t be all that difficult. You’ll soon be up to speed.

Society will help you grow that tough, abrasive seed.”

She said, “Now wait a minute. I really can’t agree.

I won’t apologize for my small town naivety.”

“I’m really not that different. There are few words I won’t say.

The one that makes me cringe begins with F and ends with K.”

They lol’d and said, “Do you think we’re all that deaf?”

“We heard you say it once, though it was under your breath.”