Murdo Girl…The chair and “Baking day”

Before I post the poem, I want to give you an update on the tie chair. Kip had some patriotic ties he’s never going to wear again, so I’m redoing the chair with them…


I’m going to paint it before I redo the ties…


I woke up early Friday morning. I had waited all week long. I heard Grandma in the kitchen singing her special song.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face, then I was on my way. I was really in a hurry…It was Grandma’s baking day.

I rushed downstairs to the kitchen. The scent of cinnamon filled the air. Grandma peeked into the oven, and said, “I do declare.”

“These are ready for the next step. Will you get my spatula please?” She took two pans out just in time. She has baking expertise.

She poured sweetened condensed milk on top of all those cinnamon rolls… back they went into the oven. I know just how this goes.

I waited ten more minutes while the sweet milk turned to goo. Then Grandma put them on a rack to give them time to cool.

Grandma finally said they’re ready and I started to dig in. I knew what was coming next when Grandma got the rolling pin.

She put flour and shortening in a great big bowl. She didn’t measure out a thing. She rolled it around on a floured board and we both began to sing.

Thank you Lord for baking day and the bounty we’ve been given.We’ll pray each time that we break bread and watch how we are liven.

That night after we ate supper, Grandpa caught my eye. He said let’s play some checkers and ask Grandma for a piece of pie.

Later when I went to bed and said my prayers to Him, I thanked God above for giving me, Grandma and Grandpa Jim.

I know they’re getting tired Lord and it just don’t seem quite fair. Please keep them able if it’s your will. I’d rather be here than anywhere.