Murdo Girl…Brace yourself…Pearl is back

Pearl’s Fashion House/Runway/Farm has been open for a few weeks now and there has only been one fashion show. The crowd mostly consisted of Bingo player holdovers. However, the word is trying to get out and Hilda/Hsomething has actually gotten some big name fashion designers to commit to a run down the runway under one condition. There has to be 150 attendees who each have the ability to purchase a minimum of one designer outfit. This will not be a runway event where fashion is purchased to provide inventory for high end shops…maybe later.


Essie/Ellie: Since we have a bunch of chickens now, we have more eggs than we can eat, sell, and give away. There are a couple of dozen going rotten every day. I can’t even get them all collected. Sometimes, I don’t know if the ones I’m getting are rotten or fresh.

Grace: Maybe we can sell some nice fresh eggs at the fashion show, and I’ll sell some of my divinity. I use lots of egg whites when I make divinity.

(I’m going to jump ahead just a little and tell you that an awful thing happens at the fashion show. Grace accidentally uses rotten eggs to make her divinity. In an attempt to use some of the eggs, she has also made custard pie with rotten eggs.)

Pearl: We can make some of those egg salad sandwiches and cut the crust off the bread. That makes them look high society.

(Jumping ahead, that turns out to be a bad idea.)

Ellie/Essie: You two are coming up with some great ideas. We also have too much milk. We have goat’s milk and cow’s milk. No one likes the goat’s milk. They think it tastes like a hairy old goat. Does anybody know how to make hairy old goat cheese?

(Bad Idea)

Pearl: Stop Essie. Grace is getting that funny look on her face. She hates to waste anything and bad things happen when Grace tries to overcome wastefulness.

(Jumping ahead, Grace makes eggnog and sells it at the fashion show. The fashionistas seem to like it.)

And the crowd? Well, at first they were pretty upset.


Then a laughter yoga instructor decided to save the day by doing laughter yoga. Pearl and Grace loved it. Pearl is looking at adding another slash to her business. How about Pearl’s Fashion/Runway/Farm/Laughter Yoga Studio?


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