Murdo Girl…Women!!

Miss Bessie had another great day. It was hard to believe that the people sitting with her in church on Easter Sunday were friends she hadn’t known until just one short week ago. The very special friend that had come to her aid twice in the past week was waiting patiently outside the church door.

***Here I am sitting outside the door of a church waiting for my humans. Were they all my humans? Jamie used to be pretty much my only human, but now I get to be around Brad a lot and I live with Miss Bessie. I don’t know where I’ll go from here. I love Jamie very much and she came all the way here to get me and take me home.

Miss Bessie took me in and gave me a home when I was lost. I love her, too…even if she is kind of high maintenance.

I’m glad I don’t have to be the one who chooses me. I mean who chooses them. I’m confused.

Since Miss Bessie had cooked a big dinner for everyone on Saturday, Brad asked Alice, his cook, to make a nice dinner for them at his house.

Brad’s ranch is beautiful, and his house is bigger than any house I have ever seen.

After dinner, I played “chase the ball” with Jamie and went with Brad to check on some baby horses.

When we were getting ready to leave, I saw Jamie and Miss Bessie talking.

“I’ve come to love Arf so much,” Miss Bessie said. “But I know it’s time for him to be with you. He’s young and adventuresome and he needs a young person like you. Besides, I can tell how close you are to him and he to you… Now, this old lady is tired. I’m going to ask Brad to take me home.”

Jamie just didn’t have it in her to protest. Maybe Miss Bessie was right.

**Well, it looks like I’m going to stay with Jamie. I sure hope Miss Bessie will be okay.

Brad made the wise decision to stay out of it.

**The next two weeks went by quickly. Jamie went horseback riding every day and I got to run along beside her as long as I didn’t bark at the horse.

I didn’t see Miss Bessie at all and I missed her.

“So you’re taking Arf with you?” Brad asked when Jamie was packing to leave.

“I know what I said, Brad, but Arf will be okay. I have an apartment near the school that has a small yard and it will only be another month before school is out. After that, we’ll go to my parent’s home for the summer.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything, Jamie, but I would like to share a couple of ideas with you. First of all, I’ve been stopping by to see Miss B quite often. She is very lonely. Have you given any thought to sharing Arf with her? It would be like she’s his grandmother.

Secondly, why don’t you come back and stay at the ranch this summer? You said you wouldn’t be seeing much of your parents anyway.”

Jamie had thought of asking Miss B to keep Arf for the next month, since she would be spending most of her time studying for exams.

“I would love for Arf to stay with Miss Bessie until School is out, but I just don’t know if we should stay at your ranch all summer…though I appreciate the offer, you must need to get back to your own life and friends. The only people I’ve seen around here are the cook, housekeeper and your hired hand.”

A dark cloud came I over Brad’s face. “I just invited you to come and enjoy the ranch for the summer,” he said. “I wasn’t asking you to marry me!” With that, he got into his truck and left.