Murdo Girl…Life as unusual

Jamie went on to complete her last month of college for the year and Miss B and Arf settled into a routine. The daily chores included milking and feeding the cow, feeding the chickens, gathering the eggs and tending the garden. Arf tried to be as much help as a dog could be. Life was good.

“We haven’t seen any of those awful skunks around lately have we Arf? You must have scared them good. I bet they went back to their skunk friends and told them not to go to Miss Bessie’s house. She has a big dog protecting her chickens.”

**I like it when Miss Bessie is proud of me. I really try to help her as much as I can.

“Well Arf, today is the day the man who will be repairing the barn starts. The hot summer will soon be upon us and the cow and calf need protection. Thankfully, the insurance money got here in good time.”

***We were just finishing up our chores when a work truck pulled in. A guy got out and started to walk over to Miss B. I figured out not to bark because both of them were smiling.

“Hello Mrs. Baker, my name is Steve and I’m here to check out what materials we’re going to need to fix up that barn of yours.”

“That’s wonderful Steve, but first you must come in for coffee and I made some cinnamon rolls earlier this morning. Everyone calls me Miss Bessie and this is my granddog, Arf.”

Steve did as Miss Bessie said. Everyone does as Miss Bessie says.

“Well, Miss Bessie, you sure do ask a lot of questions,” Steve said as he got up to leave. “Now you know more about me than I know about myself.”

“Oh, I doubt that, but you must promise to bring your little girl with you one day soon. I realize she needs her wheelchair, but Arf and I would enjoy her company.”

Just as Steve was getting ready to go out to the barn, Steph, the owner of the General Store’s daughter, came to pick up some fresh eggs. I noticed she stopped in her tracks when she saw Steve. She didn’t even pet me first. I wondered what that was all about.

Miss Bessie poured herself some lemonade and went out to sit in her rocking chair on the front porch. I was lying there beside her when we saw Mr. Brad pull in.

“Goodness,” Miss Bessie said. “There’s Brad. My busybody mind has it’s work cut out for it today.”

***I could tell by the smile on her face, that Miss B was really happy.