Murdo Girl…The wait

Steve felt like his heart was breaking. Katie’s surgery was much more involved than the doctors had anticipated. They told him, in not so many words, that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. It would be a few days before they would be able to tell if the surgery had been successful. Katie’s body needed time to heal. After talking with the doctors, and everyone in the waiting room, Steve went to Katie’s room and waited for them to bring her from recovery.

“Hi Sam, I had forgotten you and Arf would be here waiting for Katie. Listen, I need to tell you that the surgery didn’t go as planned. Everything is really up in the air right now. Please don’t discuss any of this with Katie just yet.”

***I can understand a lot of what humans say, but sometimes it’s too confusing to me. Steve and Sam seemed sad and Katie wasn’t here yet. She should be here so I can help her.

“Here they are,” Steve said as they wheeled Katie’s bed into the room. She was barely awake.

“She will be pretty groggy for a while,” the nurse said. “This might be a good time for you to grab a bite to eat.

I doubt she’ll have a need for her therapy dog, today.”

*** That lady didn’t know what she was talking about. I went over and put my paw on Katie’s hand. Her eyes were closed, but she smiled. Steve told the nurse that Katie would feel better, faster knowing I was there and Sam said I could handle this and he would be back in a couple of hours to take me outside.

Since Katie wouldn’t be allowed visitors for a while, everyone from the ranch decided to head home. I was a little worried they might take me, but guess what? I’m still here.

“There’s my girl,” Steve said as Katie woke up enough to recognize her surroundings. He was grateful for Arf. He would distract Katie from asking questions he wasn’t prepared to answer.

“Daddy, you’re here…and Arf, too! Does Arf get to sleep in my room, now, Daddy?”

“I don’t know, honey. We’ll have to see what your doctors say.” Steve could see his daughter was drifting off again.

“Daddy, I had a dream, and Mommy was in it. I don’t remember her, but I know it was Mommy. She said she loves us.”

Katie was back in dreamland before Steve had to respond.

*** I stayed with Katie most of the next few days. Sam told me I was “on duty” and I know what that means. Steve was there most of the time, too. On the fourth day, they took Katie away for a while and Sam took me for a longer excersize time.

“Maybe you’ll be able to start training with Katie next week,” Sam said. “She won’t be ready for her two weeks at home until the two of you can work together.”


“Do you think it would be appropriate for us to talk with Miss Bessie today about selling the ranch to me?” Jamie and Brad were on an early morning horseback ride.

“Have you thought about who will do the chores? My hired man, Mark, has been going over each day, but I really need him here.”

“Mark can teach me how to do the chores, it can’t be that hard,” was Jamie’s answer.

Brad had to stifle a grin. We’ll see about that, he thought.

“Okay,” we’ll talk with Miss Bessie this afternoon.”

“Thanks, Brad…I sure hope she’ll sell it to me. If anyone can convince her, it’s you.”