Murdo Girl…Calling cards

While begrudgingly cleaning house today, this came to me.

A less than bright idea came to me this morning. It swooped into my head without a word of warning.

Would I take on this daunting task? I wasn’t sure I should. And even if I should, I wasn’t sure I could.

I once was one of those who chased dirt around all day. For Betty Crockers of tomorrow, a dirty house was not okay.

I know I’ve seen my dishes, though where I can’t be sure. Oh yes! I found them yesterday in this thing called a dishwasher.

I made a list for the market of the things we need the most. I noticed this morning that we ran out of toast.

It didn’t take me long, to give up any pretense. It soon became obvious that my cleaning was past tense.

This morning after sweeping, I was going to mop the floor. What color did it used to be? I don’t remember anymore.

I put the dirty mop down to find a feather duster. The feathers must have flown away. My furniture still lacks luster.

I skipped cleaning the bathroom. It would take me one full day, to find places for my “products.” Where I know they’d never stay.

It’s now an hour later, and I really am done in. There is perspiration on my brow. I won’t work this hard again.

My husband came home from work. his shoulders really drooped. He had worked all day long and he was looking pooped.

He recognized the signs and knew what this was all about…For the third time this week, dinner would be takeout.

I put get well cards on the mantel. He asked who they were for. I said our neighbor is bringing cookies. That’s her at the door.

“I must apologize,” I said. My house is such a mess. See all the lovely get well cards? The doctor said to rest.

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Calling cards

  1. vkennerk April 25, 2020 / 9:32 pm

    Love the cards idea.Have a friend who leaves her vacuum in front hall.So when someone.comes she says she was sweeping…VikSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    • Mary Francis McNinch April 25, 2020 / 10:13 pm

      I often leave the vacuum out, but not on purpose. Kip said he can’t decide where he likes it best, by the fireplace or by the window.🤔


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