Murdo Girl…What’s in the attic and who is Dina?

I thought I would give reading Arf’s story a shot…

It was a quiet ride back to the research hospital. Jack was anticipating his talk with Katie’s physical therapist, Sam. Katie was anxious about learning she was able to stand with the help of Arf. It was the first time she had ever stood in her whole life. She didn’t know quite why she had mixed feelings about the fact that they had made some headway.

***I was quiet because I’m a dog, and I didn’t understand why Katie didn’t want to tell everyone that when she tried to catch a butterfly, she had fallen out of her chair. The exciting part was she had wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself up to a standing position before easing herself back down into her chair. She was as surprised as I was that all of our therapy had made her stronger.Now I have to figure out why she didn’t like being able to do that.

************************************Back at Brad’s ranch, he and Jamie were discussing Jamie’s purchase of Miss Bessie’s farm.”I can’t thank you enough, Brad, for talking to Miss Bessie for me. I was hoping she would see that the farm was just too much for her to handle, now. I also think it’s very kind of you to offer your home to her and all the others who have been staying here.”

“Quite the contrary,” Brad said. “I’m very grateful they want to make this big old ranch house their home. I hated it when the cook and housekeeper were the only other people rattling around here. Mark, the hired hand, prefers to live in the bunkhouse.”

“When are you planning to move to the farm, Jamie? If you need anything in the way of furniture, you’re welcome to look around in the attic for anything you might need or want. There is years worth of things up there.”

“Really, Brad? The house is furnished with Bessie’s things, but I would really like to make the place my own. I’ll start looking and moving tomorrow.”

Bessie had been about to take her dessert plate back to the kitchen when she thought she heard voices. She chastised herself for eavesdropping, but she couldn’t help herself. She felt like she had aged a hundred years since she had made the decision to sell the farm.

“I’m sorry, Harold,” she said. “I hope you’re not too disappointed in me. I know one thing. I’m going to find something productive to do. I never get to see my granddog and I can’t just sit on the porch and rock with Helen the rest of my life.

“And why not? I thought we were friends.” Helen sounded rather dismayed


Steve and Arf were on their way back to the ranch.

“Well, Arf,” Steve said. “I guess you’ll be staying at the ranch for the next week. You won’t understand this, but Katie is going to have counseling this week, so she won’t be spending that much time in therapy. When I have a chance, I will tell you all about it, but right now, we have to make a stop at the General Store in town.”

***I didn’t quite get why I didn’t get to stay with Katie at the hospital, but I have a pretty good idea someone figured out that she was getting pretty strong. No…that can’t be it, because Steve would be acting happier. Oh well, I like mysteries. Uhoh…Miss B always says, “Be careful what you pray for.”

Steve and I went to the General Store where Miss B sell her eggs. Remember? Dogs can go in there.

“Hello Mrs. Garner. How are you today?”

“I’m right as rain, Steve. What can I do for you?”

***I’m just a dog, but Mrs. Garner didn’t look too happy to see us. Maybe she doesn’t like dogs.

“I’m hoping Steph is here. I really need to talk to her.”

Just then, a pretty girl came from the back of the store. I remembered her. She came to the farm once when Steve was there. I remember how surprised she looked to see him.

“After all these years, why would you want to talk to me, Steve.” Steph was glaring, I mean glaring at Steve.

“I need to find Dina. I need her to help Katie.”

“Why would you think I would know where Dina is?”

Steve looked as desperate as he felt.

“Because she’s your sister.”