Murdo Girl…The little sister

Sometimes, in South Dakota, spring comes late and after a long cold winter, we can hardly wait to ride our bikes down by the river. It’s cooler there so even with our jackets on we still shiver.

We see a boat we’ve never seen before. Some of the kids leave their bikes lying on the river’s shore. They jump into the tied up boat. They don’t start the motor, they just float out into the water until the rope is stretched tight. I don’t think what they’re doing is at all right!

They pretend to fish and catch a big one. He’s so big they use a net. He might be hooked but he’s not caught, yet. It looks like it might be a catfish. If it was me that’s what I would wish.

I’m getting cold let’s ride our bikes back home. If Mom has hot chocolate we can get some. My brother is too close to the water. What if he fell? If his bike rolls in, I’ll go home and tell.

(You complain more than anyone. We can’t leave now. We’re having too much fun.

I know where we went wrong. We brought my little sister along.)

I heard what my brother said. Maybe I’ll tell Mom that instead.

Shh… I hear someone coming. Now we’re in trouble. We better get out of here on the double.


On this warm and sunny day. I walked to the river and watched these kids play. I captured their adventure on the Missouri. I was getting chilly so I had to hurry.

This delightful scene was photographed by Nancy Authier while taking a walk along the river near Pierre, South Dakota. She thought it needed a story to go with it. Thank you Nancy. It  was fun…