Murdo Girl…The cottage

“Kip! I’m going to the cottage.”

“Oh Kip, if you need me, I’ll be at the cottage.”

“Come on over! I’ll be in my cottage.”

My friend, Pat, said I should call my she shed something simple, like Cottage, so I’m trying it out.

Here are a few more pictures. I’m having fun playing around right now. Everything is subject to change.

I’m still looking for a footstool and an end table



I found some wire things that I thought would do nicely to hang my hat collection on. I hung one here because I don’t want to hang anything on the walls until I know for sure where I want them to go.


Some of you will no doubt recognize things you have given me. I’m really excited that I’ll now have a place to display my collections. I’ll have to put the water tower photos all of you collected for me in an album.

Bonnie Blue was the first story I put on the blog. Remember Dakotah’s princess doll? Here she is!

I need to keep my eye out for an Arf doll. I did make a book of  Arf and Annie, pictures.

I don’t have the Connie’s Story doll. There is one, but she belongs to Mari Jackson.

Ellie/Essie was going to be my “E” but I never put the book together.


Welcome to Beastertown

We are the shining crown

Of rabbit cities everywhere. None other can quite compare.

We treat others with respect and go beyond what they expect.

When it rains, we see the sun, and rainbows surround everyone.

Promises are never broken, and unkind words are never spoken.

When you speak, we will hear. We’ll make your worries disappear.

The Beasterhop has much to do, and many families to answer to.

He’s the Mayor of our growing town..The city with the shining crown.


Beastertown, a children’s story, will be the first book I write in my cottage.

The pictures below are for Kip’s sister who hasn’t seen the before and after pictures of the ceiling.


Pardon my excitement. I’ve never done anything like this before.


Arf will be back tomorrow.