Murdo Girl…As the world turns

When Jamie and Arf came down from the attic, the house was quiet and all but the usual nighttime lights were off.

“Well Arf,” Jamie whispered. “It appears that everyone has retreated to their rooms for the night. They must think I went home and you’re in with Katie. She was so exhausted, she’s probably been sleeping the whole time and didn’t miss you. Just a minute, and I’ll take you to her room, in case the door is closed or something.”

“There you are.” The voice startled both Arf and Jamie. “I knew you were around here someplace, but I wasn’t about to go searching for you. It would take me a month of Sundays to look through this whole house.” Miss Bessie was standing in the hall doorway.

“Hi Miss Bessie,” Jamie said. “Arf and I were looking around up in the attic. I love to explore up there and we let time get away from us. Do you know where I can fine an envelope and sheet of writing paper? I need to leave something for Brad.”

***It was good to hang out with Jamie and Miss B., but I wanted to get up to Katie’s room in case she needed me. It had been a long day for both of us and we needed our rest. I decided I would go on up and see if I could get into her room, but I wanted to see if I could remind Miss Bessie that I hadn’t had one of the good kind of bones yet today.

Luck was with me. She had one in her hand. I took it and went upstairs.

“I’m sure we can find what you need in the office, Jamie. Let’s go see.”

Jamie was surprised that the door to Brad’s office was unlocked. She was just as surprised when Miss Bessie just walked right in. It was his private office and it somehow didn’t seem right for them to be in there. It was apparent that Miss Bessie felt right at home. She walked over to a credenza and opened one of the drawers. She took out a legal sized envelope, a pen and some paper and handed them to Jamie.

“Here,” she said. “Will this do?”

“Yes,” Jamie answered. “I just need to write a note and I’ll leave this here. Would you mind letting him know in the morning that I left something for him on his desk?”

“I’ll tell him as soon as I see him.”

Jamie waited for Miss B, to leave, but she didn’t. She sat down in a nearby chair to wait. “Is that the Will?” She asked. “I overheard someone say that the boy’s grandparents left a Will that no one had been able to find. If it were me, I would be tempted to read it. That way if there’s something in it that could cause trouble for Brad, it just might go back to being lost…or maybe it never existed. I wouldn’t do it of course, I’m just saying I would be tempting.”

Jamie sat down and wrote a note to say she and Arf had decided to look for the Will and had discovered it in an old filing cabinet hidden behind a large piece of furniture in a dark corner of the attic. When she finished writing, she put the Will and note inside the envelope and handed it to Miss Bessie.

“I was going to leave it on his desk, but it might be better if you gave it to him. It’s getting really late, and I have to put in some hours at the clinic tomorrow. Thank you so much, Miss Bessie. I’m going to take off now.”

Jamie and Miss Bessie walked out of Brad’s office, shutting the door behind them.

***The next morning, Katie and I got up early and I helped her get ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

We didn’t have to go to our spot to practice balancing, because she needs to learn how to do everyday things. I hope we still go on our picnics, though. I have fun doing things with my Katie.

After I helped her get out of her bed, she wheeled herself around and did everything she could do like wash up and comb her hair. She got the clothes she needed from her chest of drawers and wheeled over to the big vanity with the big mirror. After maneuvering around in her chair to dress, she stood. There was my Katie, standing by herself in front of the mirror with the biggest smile on her face.


“It feels so good to stand here all by myself,” she said. “My next goal is going to be to stand behind Mommy while she sits at this vanity. I’m going to brush her hair. I’ve dreamed about doing that for the longest time. I’m going to walk and stand and do all kinds of things, Arf. Do you think I’ll be able to run someday?”

***Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, and Bark….

running by the river

It was a long day at work for Jamie. Even though she hoped to hear from Brad, she didn’t expect to. What if Miss B. hadn’t given him the envelope with the Will in it. Was she secretly hoping she hadn’t? She decided to drive to the ranch after work. She couldn’t stand not knowing.

“Hi Helen,” Jamie said as she walked into the kitchen at the ranch. “Something smells good.”

“You’re just in time for dinner,” Helen said. “Alice is making BBQ ribs and I just took an apple pie from the oven.”

“Actually, I was looking for Miss Bessie. Is she around here somewhere?”

“She and Dina are out in the garden, I believe,” Helen said as she started to set the table. “Can I set a place for you?”

“Uh…I can’t stay long, today…chores you know, but thank you, anyway. I’m going to see if I can talk to Miss Bessie for a moment.”

The garden is so beautiful, Jamie thought as she walked over to where Dina and Miss B. were sitting.

Photos by Nancy Authier

“Hello Jamie,” Dina said. “Did you just get off work? You must stay for the delicious dinner Alice and Helen are preparing.”

“I can’t tell you how amazing you look, Dina. You’re glowing. Yesterday was a special day for all of us, but it really was incredible for you, wasn’t it?”

“All of our prayers were answered. God sent us Arf and he worked a miracle,” Dina answered.

Jamie looked at Miss B. who was sitting there uncharacteristically silent.

“Oh my goodness,” she finally said. “Steve is home and here comes Mark, but I wonder where Brad is. I haven’t seen him since this morning? Please stay for dinner, Jamie. It will be nice to have everyone at the table.”