Murdo Girl…It’s time

Brad had intended to take Arf with him on his trip, but after some discussion it was decided Katie needed him more. It would not do for her to get complacent with her physical therapy and Arf was a big part of keeping her on track.

The next morning while on her way to work, Jamie contemplated what she should do next. Brad was clearly unhappy with her. She supposed she had stuck her nose into his business one too many times and now he was being mysterious about being gone for a few days. Before she had reached any conclusions, she arrived at work.

It was a busy day and it wasn’t until late in the afternoon that Jamie had a chance to go say hello to Annie. Poor girl…she would always have a home at the clinic, but Jamie often questioned if that was the right thing for Annie.

She was almost to Annie’s quarters when she and Dr. Stillwell crossed paths.

“It’s been a busy day, hasn’t it, Jamie? I haven’t even had a chance to tell you abut Annie’s good fortune. She was adopted early this morning.”

Jamie felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. Of course she had always known it was a possibility that one day she would bring Arf for a play date and Annie would have found a new home. One thing was for sure…Arf was not going to take this well. Could anything else troubling happen to her today?


***I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t have much say in things. I need someone else to decide where I need to be. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go with Brad today. I ran out on Katie to go with Tom. I blame it on my instincts. Dogs have keen instincts at least that’s what we hope everyone believes. Well, my keen instincts tell me that Katie and I need to work hard today. I hope Grandma Helen packs us a good picnic lunch and she puts one of those good bones in there for me. I think I’ll take Katie down to the river. It’s not that far, and it’s such a pretty day.


I love the river…

Everything happened just as Arf had hoped. Grandma Helen packed what smelled like a delicious lunch with an added bonus. She threw in a brand new frisbee.

“Here, Arf,” she said. “It will strengthen Katie’s arm and shoulder muscles if she throws it to you.”

Just as the screen door shut behind them, Grandma Helen hollered. “Keep and eye on the weather. There is a chance of a lightning storm coming through here sometime this afternoon.”


Brad had driven for five hours before finally arriving at the beautiful little cottage. The lady who came to the door seemed excited to see him.

“Come in Brad,” she said. “Barbie is sitting out back. You know how she loves to be outside on beautiful days like this.”

“Thanks Gloria. As you can see, I have a surprise for her.”

“You must know how thrilled she is going to be. She has improved so much, Brad… both physically and mentally.”

“It’s been a long ordeal, but Barbie has finally turned the corner. I think it’s time,” Brad said.

“Maybe so…I just ask that you tread lightly, Brad. We don’t want to undo what has taken twenty years to accomplish.”