Murdo Girl…Time takes care of everything

Things at the ranch seemed to settle down after the night of the horrific storm. Katie and Arf continued with their therapy at home and Dina began taking them to the research hospital every two weeks to have Katie’s progress checked, Sam also taught them new ways to strengthen her muscles and work on building her confidence. Sam said the rest was up to her.

***Katie still needs me a lot, but Dina really wants me to go visit the hospice residence with her and a nursing home, too. I’m not sure what that is, but we’re going tomorrow.

I’ve been to the vet clinic with Jamie twice since Annie left and it just isn’t the same without her to play with so I’m kind of glad I have another place to go. Will I ever see Annie again?

&&&I really love living at Barbie’s house, but I miss all of the action at the vet clinic. Animals came, but didn’t stay which did make me sad sometimes. The friend I really miss is Arf. We played well together and Jamie brought him as often as she could. I wonder if Jamie knows where Barbie lives. Will I ever see Arf and Jamie again?

Jamie was glad her day at work was finally over. She loved doing her internship at the local vet clinic and even hoped they would let her stay on when she had completed her training, but she had been somewhat distracted lately.

Brad was still being aloof. Jamie couldn’t believe he was that angry with her for talking to his brother, Tom before letting him know she had located him.

Jamie was so deep in thought, she almost forgot to pick up Miss Bessie at the General Store. When she pulled up front, Miss Bessie flew out the door. She already had her hat on and she was practically running to the car.

“What’s going on, Miss Bessie? I’m actually a few minutes early, but it looks like you’re ready to get out of there. Is everything okay?”

“I guess so,” Miss Bessie rolled her eyes and continued to talk all of the way to the ranch.” I know Steph is Dina’s sister, and Helen is their mother, but I guess they’re all estranged. Well, except for Helen and Dina who seem to be getting along okay right now. Steph needs a lot of help with the customers. I do my best, but some of them just want to talk, talk, talk. They’re hard to get away from. I sure hope I remember everything I heard today until I get a chance to tell Helen.”

“I thought you told me you didn’t gossip,” Jamie teased.

“Oh yes…I love to gossip. I don’t try to hide it either. Why if someone asks me if I can keep a secret, I tell them I just can’t seem to master that skill. Then they go ahead and tell me anyway.”

They were pulling into the drive when Miss Bessie said. “By the way…you’re staying for dinner, dear. Helen said she wouldn’t take no for an answer. It’s a special night. It’s Brad’s birthday, and we have a surprise for him. Tom is going to be here.

Jamie was not prepared to spend the evening with Brad and Tom, but she decided it would probably make things worse if she declined.

“Okay,” Jamie said. “But if Arf is inside would you please send him out. I miss my buddy and I want to go for a walk with him before I go in.”

A couple of minutes later, Arf came running out. “Let’s go down by the paddock,” Jamie said. “We can say hello to the horses.”

***Jamie seems sad. She probably misses me. Sometimes I forget that she was my first human. Jamie gave me my first frisbee. That’s what I was playing with when I got caught in that truck with all the furniture and I couldn’t get out until I was far, far, away from home. Miss Bessie and I found each other and she found Jamie. Now we’re both here and I think it was meant to be.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m really meant to be here, Arf,” she said.

“Is there somewhere else you would rather be?” A voice behind her asked.