Murdo Girl…A goodbye to High Tea

Just for fun…..

To live a little longer you must drink a lot of tea

That’s why Queen Elizabeth enjoys longevity


There was a study done, of the clinical kind of course

They said its accurate, but we can’t confirm the source

So fire up the kettle and let your steeper steep

Drink tea when you’re awake and also while you sleep

The study says if twice a day you drink a whole carafe

Your time of living will increase by one year and a half

So flex your little pinky and pass the sugar bowl

And add a little cream if a long life is your goal

You must nibble on a biscuit and use a silver tray

Remember English High Tea is more than a cliche


Ordering in? We’ll have burgers and fries.

It’s of critical importance that you use the finest tea

I’ve got so much to learn and it’s really stressing me

This all sounds quite expensive. I’ll keep that in mind

I’m pretty old already, so I must be way behind.

I now know all I need, to make a good decision

I’ll do what is suggested with just one slight revision

If you see me with the Queen and really look close up

You’ll see a happy short-timer with coffee in her cup


Those burgers still aren’t here

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…A goodbye to High Tea

  1. grinchy44 June 17, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    I saw the Pioneer Auto Museum on your shirt. Are you from Murdo, or are you still shopping at good will?


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