Murdo Girl…Still decorating

Somebody stop me. I’m out of control

I’m tired of establishing goal after goal

My poor little cottage has started to flinch

While it’s space is consumed, inch by inch

It doesn’t want to become what it’s not

A storage place for the things I have bought

My collections reign with plenty of space.

The Beasterhop village is quite a showcase

My friend L J designed a swag for the wall

Now are we finished? No, not at all.

We noticed another project outside

Two plain poles we couldn’t abide

We had lots of tools but not one single clue

What could they do except cause a boo boo

We decorated the poles in bows and grapevine,

ribbons and lights. They looked mighty fine.

Are we finished at last? No, just for tonight.

One pole has dim lights and the other has bright.





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