Murdo Girl…Where did all the money go?

By the time you read this poem I’ll have won the lottery

I bought myself a ticket and I’m waiting patiently

Realistic Detailed 3d Lotto Ball Concept Card Background. Vector

Six numbers will be drawn and of course they’ll all match mine

On Monday I’ll be standing in the lotto payout line

'Congratulations, you won $34.  Let me call you a limo.'

Twenty-seven million before taxes is enough

To payoff all our bills and buy all kinds of stuff

I’ve picked out a new car and a beach house for a start

I’ll give a bunch to charity to prove I have a heart.

I can’t forget the relatives. I’ll gladly share my fortune

Family members and some friends will get a little portion.


I know what else I really want, a brand new big RV

I’ll spend at least two million…maybe even three

We’ll take the kids to Disneyland. We’ll have tons of fun

We’ll have no money worries because of all I won


You won’t be seeing me around here quite as much

I’ll be busy going places, but I’ll try to stay in touch

Oh just look at the time. The numbers have been drawn

I know that I’m the winner. The conclusion is forgone


I google Lotto Texas and see the numbers on the screen

I should have put two dollars in a slot machine.

There is a lesson to be learned. The odds just aren’t that good

Keep your hard earned money and spend it like you should

If you have someone who loves you be it family or friend

You’re already a winner and that’s a real godsend

(It sure sounds like fun though doesn’t it?)