Murdo Girl…Annie and the human

“Do you think this woman somehow knows your mother? Your family lives miles away. Is there not another reason someone you don’t know would have a jar of your mother’s jam? Maybe a relative gave it to an acquaintance or something?”

“I don’t know, but I think I’ll call home and make sure everything is okay.”

“I think that’s a good idea,” Brad said. “I’ve got to relieve Jamie, so I’ll be in Jake ‘s room if you need me and I think Steve is around here someplace too. I feel sure that woman is far from here by now”

Annie: I was really surprised when I found out that the woman was not really a grandma at all. she was only wearing a costume to look like one. Instead of being a plump grandma, she’s a skinny man. I tried to be really quiet and try to see what he was doing at the same time.

After he ate his supper, he sat in a chair in the living room for a while and stared out the window. He didn’t turn a light on, probably because the human didn’t want anyone to know he was there. I took a chance and went upstairs to see what I could find.

All I found was the little bag he had brought with him from the pickup. I nosed around inside and guess what I found? A picture of Clark. He was younger than he is now and he was sitting by an older man. Then I noticed the older man was playing Clark’s guitar. They were both smiling and happy.

I knew I was taking a chance staying upstairs for so long, so I went back down the stairs and stayed in the coat closet until I heard the man human go back up the stairs. After that, I went to the front door to see if there was a way I could fix it so the man human couldn’t get out. It locked from the inside, so that wouldn’t work.


Annie instinctively knew she was going to have to keep the human from leaving until someone came and found him. Maybe he would lie down and go to sleep.

About an hour later, Annie heard him snore, so she creeped up the stairs and grabbed his coveralls that were lying on the floor. She dragged them down and buried them outside. She was feeling quite proud of herself when she got an added bonus. The keys to the pickup were in his pockets.


“Mama,” It’s Butch. I just called to see how everyone is doing. Is everything okay?”

“Sure, honey…why wouldn’t it be? The kids are getting ready to start school and your daddy is busy making furniture. He’s got more work than he can say grace over.”

Clark felt better after talking to his mama. When he asked her about the jam, she said it must have just looked like hers and wanted to know if he had tasted it.

Something was still nagging at Clark. Brad and Steve were busy with their kids. Maybe he should ask Brad if he could borrow his truck. He wanted to take Arf and go back over to that house.