Murdo Girl…See Ya Soon

Today is a very special day. It’s the fifth anniversary of my very first blog. It’s also the fifth anniversary of the very first day of the first long trip that Kip and I took in our new, old motor home. Oh, the adventures we’ve had on our trips and at home.

In some ways it seems like I’ve been writing this blog forever. I have reaped so many rewards and had a ton of fun. New friends have become old friends and old friends from years ago, have come back into my life. I am truly blessed.

The blog was first called, See Ya Soon, which is the name of our motor home. When Kip and I headed out that first day, my brother, Billy, suggested I write a blog chronicling our trip. That way family and friends could read the daily blog, or if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering everything when I told everyone about the whole two months we were gone. I could just refer to my blog. That’s the second time Billy has made that mistake.  He once treated Grandpa Sanderson, to a trip to California and a wonderful time was had by all. When Grandpa came back to Murdo, Billy gave him a map to refer to. Everywhere they had been was highlighted in red so Grandpa wouldn’t (couldn’t) forget anywhere they went, anyone they saw, and everything they did. He hauled that thing out so many times that we all knew that trip six ways from Sunday. Billy should have known better.

Oh the stories I could tell…and I did. I want to thank all of you for reading them. Like Grandpa Sanderson, I have repeated some of them several times. Now I have thousands of stories and as you all know, I don’t forget a thing.

Here is a repeat of the very first blog…

We’re starting this blog to let family and friends know what we’re up to as we venture out on our first long trip. Actually, this is only our 2nd time out. We managed quite well on our 38 mile, 2 night trip.

We’re travelling with our three pooches, (Cyndie, Sammie, and Pattie), and Dollie the cat is around here somewhere, too.

We are on our 3rd day out and we’re now proud to say we’ve made it 193 miles. We’re having a wonderful time in beautiful downtown Wichita falls. There is a story to tell, but we won’t go into that now.

We would like to thank our son-in-law, Brad, who set up the blog. He is in no way responsible for the content. I’m sure he is grateful for that.

It's been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog
It’s been a hard days night and I’ve been working like a dog
Hi...I'm the persnickety cat
Hi…I’m the persnickety cat
Sammie and Pattie
Sammie and Pattie
Only 3800 miles to go
Only 3800 miles to go
We all love Lucy Park and the falls
We all love Lucy Park and the falls

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…See Ya Soon

  1. sanjuan831 September 16, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    What a fabulous idea to relive the first blog post. And your RV trip. So we have Billy to thank for all these five years of reading fun. I thought Murdo Girl was your first post with stories by that little girl.
    Happy annigrocery, Cuz. You can repeat stories to me anytime….I can still hear Grandpa start stories with his, “Saayyy…”


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