Murdo Girl…Back to Arf

Arf: I watched Clark and Grandpa John, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Clark was smiling and at the same time, he was wiping away tears. Grandpa John was standing next to him with his hand on his shoulder.

“Walk inside with me, Clark. I built this for us… and say what you will about him, Harry did a good share of the work. Do you know what this is, grandson?”

Even though Grandpa John couldn’t see, you could tell how excited he was to show Clark that he had fulfilled a dr1eam they’d both had ever since Clark was a little boy. They had wanted to record music together.

“Of course I know what it is, Grandpa. It’s a fully equipped recording studio. I can see the stand holding the hand tooled guitar, too. You made it didn’t you? You really outdid yourself. It’s amazing.”

Grandpa John was smiling from ear to ear. He had waited a long time for this moment. “The studio needs some tweaking here and there, but the equipment is tuned up and ready to go. Do you remember the song we wrote one of the last times we were together?”

“I sure do. I sing it all the time when I’m thinking about you.”

“Would you sing it for us?” Brad asked. “I would love to hear you two sing together.”

Grandpa John sat down at the piano. He didn’t need to see to play. Clark picked up his new guitar and sat on a stool near the piano. Grandpa had it all set up. The microphones, and the background music were perfect. The song grandfather and grandson sang together was the most beautiful sound Brad and Mark had ever heard.

Arf liked it, too. While they were singing, he laid between his new charge and Clark. The song made him feel a little lonely and he wondered if Katie missed him as much as he missed her. It wasn’t easy being a therapy dog, but he was good at it and Grandpa John would be able to get around on his own in no time.


Grandpa John

When you were just a little boy I looked at you and knew… you needed someone in your life who you could look up to.

I tried my best to be the one to make your dreams come true, but I came to realize there are things a man can’t do.


My life at home confused me and I wondered what I’d done… to deserve the pain I felt inside. Was I the only one?

My father looked down on me and there was nothing I could do to change the way he treated me, but I looked up to you.


Together we came to believe who we should look up to. The One who looks down on us but loves us through and through.

Please help us to remember who we can look up to when someone else looks down on us, His love alone will do.