Murdo Girl…The slob and bellwether

Edith and Frank were the perfect pair.

Frank was bald and Edith had hair.

You’ve heard the phrase, “opposites attract?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that is a fact.

They went to different schools together.

Frank was a slob, Edith a bellwether.

Edith was the cream of the crop.

Ralph was boring…a real social flop.

Ralph was shy and unassuming.

Like a shaggy dog, he needed some grooming. 

He’s wearing a wig

Edith had talents that were quite impressive.

Poor Ralph… was seldom expressive.

While still just kids, they lost touch with each other.

But neither had ever married another.

How did Edith and Ralph find true love?

It came on the wings of a mourning dove.

Awakened by a soft cooing sound,

Edith listened and became spellbound.

Outside, the weather was daunting.

But she had to see what sounded so haunting.

When the bird flew away, Edith wanted inside.

The door wouldn’t open no matter how hard she tried.

In her wisdom she decided the door must be locked

so she knocked and she knocked and she knocked.

(And she knocked)

It had slipped Edith’s mind that she lived alone.

She was confused.. like you.. who are reading this poem.

Anyway, Ralph left his home to go buy bread.

He should have turned right but he turned left instead.

He saw a vision of beauty walking down the road.

He stepped on the brake and the car slowed.

“You look cold,” he said. “Would you like a ride?

I’ll open the door and you can get inside.”

Edith knew not to ride with strangers.

Her mother had warned her of all the dangers.

(It was dark and several years had passed by.

They no longer recognized their different school tie.)

She walked all the way home but Ralph stayed close behind,

And that gave Edith real piece of mind.

By the time Edith got safely to her abode,

Both  knew in their hearts true love flowed.

Edith and Ralph the slob and bellwether,

married and grew old together.

Every morning and night they gaze up above

and hear the soft coo of their mourning dove.


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  1. sanjuan831 October 21, 2020 / 10:40 am

    Super sweet. Did you have anyone real in mind or are they just in your imagination?


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