Murdo Girl…To the girls born in December

Here’s to all the “older” girls with birthdays in December.

Kiss last year goodbye. We have a new age to remember.

So we’ve earned another wrinkle, or a new defining line.

I really can’t see yours and I KNOW you can’t see mine.

We hear ourselves say things that our mothers used to say.

We don’t have to listen, but we’ll say them anyway.

We look forward to our birthdays and a new year coming up.

(That’s a lot to celebrate so buck up buttercup.)

We’ll plan our annual check-up with our doctor and his staff.

They’re now as old as we are…if we cut our age in half.

When we face our bumps in life, you won’t see us surrender.

We can be as sweet as honey, or a formidable contender.

We love all of our friends and try to give them our attention.

When we’re feeling down, we give ourselves an intervention.

We smile until we’re laughing and our tears all go away.

We strive to be our best selves and we don’t forget to pray.

We’ve done a lot of living… made decisions right or wrong.

We still dance to our own tune and still sing to our own song.

Now we’re one year older than we have been in the past..

We’re the girls born in December and we were made to last.

I say the things she used to say