Murdo Girl…Milk and a little tea

I decided to start decorating my little playhouse. I’ve only just begun, but it’s already bringing me joy. Among many other things, I love the festiveness of Christmas and the the music. My favorite songs are The Little Drummer Boy, Joy to the world, and Silent Night.

I took some pictures, played a Lee Greenwood Christmas CD, and made a little video for you. I probably should have waited until I was completely finished decorating, but as Mom used to say, “Patience is not your middle name.” She was right.

So now I am enjoying some hot tea and crumpets, okay, cookies. I really do have some tea with my creamer. I heat the water in a whistling tea kettle and it sends the cat running every time. I always make a mental note to catch the kettle before it whistles so I don’t scare her, but I always forget. That cat can move!

And now…my latest short film…It’s a little choppy because I had to leave some on the cutting room floor.

Just in case you missed the movie…

Well, It’s getting late. I better go try to coax the cat out from her hiding place…