Murdo Girl…Road 5

Sunday morning we got breakfast to go from our favorite Cafe in Onalaska. Jerry’s is less than a mile from the KOA and serves delicious home cooked breakfasts. Another of their specialties is a huge homestyle hamburger served on a homemade bun. It’s enough for two people even if the two are Kip and MG. For dessert, they offer every kind of pie you can imagine.

The dogs get a little taste of bacon.

After breakfast, we took the pups for a long walk before packing up and heading south to our next destination. Jamaica Beach RV is on the west side of Galveston and across the street from a beautiful beach.

On our way there, we got to enjoy a real treat. It’s one of the many benefits of traveling in a motor home. You can be pretty flexible and meet up with friends or relatives and stay a while without invading their home. You can also stop for a last minute visit while passing through.

When my cousin, Mark, found out we were going to be in the vacinity of a fellow Murdoite, he let us both know and we managed to come up with a plan to meet for lunch on our way to Galveston.

We met Portia Burns Eisenbeil and her husband Joe in Willis, TX. Portia and I had a blast talking about Murdo and the old days while Kip and Joe talked about…other things.

Those two are delightful and fun to be with. Kip and I hope there is a next time soon

We arrived at our destination around 3:00. It’s so beautiful here and we get to stay a whole five days.

It’s now Monday morning. Our plan is to pack up our canvas wagon with towels, chairs and a picnic lunch and walk across the street to the beach. The dogs love walking in the sand and watching the seagulls…pictures to follow.

1) Almost there. I can smell the salt air. 2) Dollie discovers she has gained the COVID lb’s.

2 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Road 5

  1. Mary I just love your posts.You and Porshia look so good.Just love seeing you can go on a just recovering from a couple of weeks in hospital with covid. November 23, 2020 / 4:29 pm



  2. sanjuan831 November 23, 2020 / 3:08 pm

    Fantastic. Loved the pictures and glad you took time to meet up with Portia and Joe. Your hair is darling, btw.


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