Murdo Girl…Wrapping it up

Traveling full time would get my vote, but a month on the road is all she wrote.

There’s still so much out there to see and do, and new adventures to wake up to.

God’s country has so much to explore. Each day is different from the one before.

We have an old RV and a Jeep to tow. Our 3 dogs and the cat all get to go.

And no matter where we roam, we have all the comforts of home.

When we need more supplies we can always venture, to the nearest Walmart Super Center.

We wear a mask and social distance and use sanitizer with much persistence.

During the day we’re usually outside. We let science and sense be our guide.

We have noticed something, we’re sad to say…when people throw their masks away,

They often throw them on the ground like cigarette butts, they’re all around.

Forgive me …for I digress. Our trip has been a great success.

We had a good time…the pets, Kip and me. Thanks for coming with us, albeit, virtually.

Last 3 pictures were taken between Socorro snd Roswell, NM