Murdo Girl…This old place

I’m having fun posting my fictional stories about old buildings. I always wonder what their real story is. Keep sending the pics of barns and old buildings like this one. (I believe Dianna Kenobbie Diehm took this photo.) The contest runs until February 5th… or send them on FB messenger.

Time Well Spent

I remember sitting in this old school house. I could look out the last window in the back and see the changes in the seasons. Since it doubled as our country church, I spent six days a week here. On Saturdays I did my homework, so I was being truthful when I told everyone I was here every day of the week.

In this little building out in the middle of someone’s pasture, I learned about life everywhere else. I learned how to count as high as I would ever need to, and I learned to count my blessings.

I learned how people survived hardships and how some did not survive success. I learned the happiest people are those who truly care about others. I learned how to pray for strength, courage, and wisdom. I learned how to be humble, grateful, and compassionate.

I learned that nothing is forever, and life would be better if I learned to embrace change. I figured out that we all come from a long line of people who aren’t with us anymore, and we should be proud of our heritage.

This old building shaped my life. I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t come here when it was too cold, or too hot. I learned everything from how to tie my shoes by watching my classmates, to what love is and isn’t from reading 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.

Yes, I learned important lessons here. Living what you learn isn’t always easy, and saying and doing are two different things.

My mother was sickly, but she always said, “Living ain’t easy, but life is pretty sweet, so I hang on and thank the good Lord for every day that I can feel the sunshine on my face and look into the eyes of someone I love.”