Murdo Girl…Pearl gets it!

I love Pearl. As Mom would say, “She has lots of skin on her nose.” She is never without a good idea for someone else to “carry out.”

I am on my way to Pearl’s, but I really don’t want to go over there. If it wasn’t for Pearl the dog needing me to take care of her, I would make myself scarce for a few days. But since that’s not going to happen, I better prepare myself. You see, I was the one who sorta spilled the beans on Pearl. All the ladies thought she hung the moon…that is until after her yoga class. None of them could get out of bed the next day. They all complained and said since Pearl was such an expert on yoga, she should have known they needed to stretch before doing some of those moves.Pearl made me call them all and cancel the next day’s class. They informed me they were suffering and would not be back!

When I left yesterday, Pearl was choosing between pretending to leaving town, pretending to have a terminal illness, and pretending she had amnesia which is why she didn’t remember stuff like stretching before stretching, and that there was no “limbo to the oldies” in yoga.

I’m not there yet, but I almost am.


“Hi Pearl…I’m here, are you?”

I heard a very weak voice coming from her bedroom. “Yes,” she said. “Is anyone with you?”

“No Pearl…,its just me.”

“Come into my bedroom, Essie. I need your help. You better bring a notepad.”

I told her I would come in there with a notepad as soon as I took Pearl the dog for a walk. Just because Pearl the human was only thinking about her own problems, that didn’t mean Pearl the dog should be neglected. I know if she didn’t love Pearl the human so much, Pearl the dog wouldn’t have wanted to go back to those rooms above Sanderson’s Store. She’s the only one I felt sorry for. Well, maybe Grace just a little bit.

“Are you back, Essie? Do you have a notepad?”

I was hoping she wasn’t going to have me make any other phone calls.

“Hi, Pearl…what exactly are you going to have me do?”

“Well,” she said. “I have decided to tell the truth. Yes, that’s the only way I’m going to get out of this mess. This probably means I’m going to lose my job at the library. I sure hope I can make it without that job.”

“You volunteered, Pearl…you didn’t get paid.”

“You are correct. It was all out of the kindness of my heart.”

“Should I write down, “You get what you pay for?” I asked her.

“No!!” Pearl raised all the way up in her bed. “I am going to take this time, while I am bedridden with…We’ll think of something exotic and contagious so no one will want to drop in to see me. Anyway, I’m going to come up with something else I can teach those women. We’ll make bracelets. I’ll take all of mine apart so they can remake them.”

Pearl was feeling so much better until Grace came in with a letter addressed to Pearl. It was from the library.

Dear Pearl,

The library board held a meeting to discuss your activities at the library. We have decided they interfere with the normal flow of checking out books, not to mention checking them back in.

This is your notice to turn in your library card, (if you even have one). One more thing. You are not eligible for rehire.


The librarian

I thought Pearl would cry, but she didn’t. All of a sudden she seemed to be happy.

“I am going to start my own business, Essie. I have a little nest egg and I am going to use it to get my business off the ground. That old library can go back to the two or three people who came in every day before I started volunteering there.”

“That’s pretty neat, Pearl. Can I work there too?”

“Of course, Essie. So can Grace. We’ll take Pearl the dog with us. They’ll love it.”

“What are you going to name your business, Pearl?” I asked.

“I’m going to have a sign made. It will be flashy like I am. I will call it ‘Pearl’s Business.’ I think it has a ring to it, don’t you?”


I don’t think I’ll give up my towel washing job quite yet.

We’ve been to Pearl’s Business

 Well, Pearl’s business has been open for two weeks and business has been good which is surprising since she hasn’t decided what Pearl’s Business is yet. From what I can tell, people just come to sit around and gossip.