Murdo Girl…I’m so challenged

This is a blog I wrote when we were in the middle of turning a shed in our back yard into what I finally named, “The Cottage.” My sister-in-law even gave us a really cool sign. I know Kip will soon get around to putting it up.

Even though Dollie has become Covid Cat pudgy, she still sleeps in the same basket. Here is a picture I just took this morning. (Her love of baskets is referred to later in the bog.)

I’m busing having one or two guests at a time over for tea parties in the cottage and Kip is preparing the motor home for a trip to Rockport in late February.

We’re missing our little Sammie bunches, but we take comfort in the fact that she had a good life with us.

I’m trying to follow the Nutrisystem diet. At the rate I’m going, I’ll reach my goal…um…I wouldn’t take any bets on it.

Have a wonderful Sunday. I have to go look in my closet for something that fits. As always. I’m looking forward to going to church this morning.


I haven’t been ignoring my blog. Well, yes I have. The truth is, I’ve been working on a project and it takes me multiple times of trying to get things right before I come reasonably close or give up. I get really frustrated sometimes. I try to read instructions, but beyond the 3rd step, I’m usually lost, which frustrates me even more.

This knowledge of myself only reinforces how important it is for me to live the simple life. I have made a little headway there. I’ve designed a mudroom for my almost tiny home.

Kip loves it! He has four pairs of shoes plus dress shoes and he’s always wearing one pair, so they all fit in the basket.

I’m a real basket person. Everytime I walk through the door with a new basket, Kip groans. “Where are you going to put that?” He asks.” If you put one more under the bed, it will raise it off the floor!”

“The cat outgrew hers.”

“Besides, I’ll need several for my she shed. (My she shed is currently on hold while Kip finishes making a rock walk in the backyard and fixes some things in the motor home. Plus, I upset him a little and Mary’s Manor went from #2 to #8 on his priority list.

Meanwhile, my plans are getting more elaborate and my treasures remain in his way in the garage. In a couple of weeks, I’ll start pounding nails in the shed and that’s sure to move me up a little on the list.

I’m not really manipulative. I prefer the word, motivator. And I don’t nag. I make suggestions. I never whine, either. I’ll manipulate or nag before I’ll whine.