Murdo Girl…TGIF

Thank God It’s Friday is an acronym that people began to use at least thirty years ago to express the relief of making it through the work week. We could look forward to the weekend. I think I’m the only one who said ONIM. (Oh No It’s Monday.)

Now, when I wake up in the morning, I say IDR (I Don’t Remember.) Not only that, but by Friday, I can’t remember what I did Monday and Tuesday…unless I have pictures.

On Wednesday, it seemed like a good idea. On Thursday I carried out the plan, and by Thursday evening, I had horrified myself. Here’s a hint. I wore a hat to bed.

I don’t look good with gray hair. I tried it once and I looked like Whistler’s Mother…part gray and part dark brown.

I wonder if she knows her hair has turned white in the back.

I’m tired of having to color my roots every month. My Wednesday tea party guests suggested high/low lights. I know a salon charges a couple hundred bucks for the process, and even though you only need to have it done once every three months, it still seemed like a lot of money to me.

I talked myself into thinking I could do it myself.

You pull strands of hair through holes in the cap with a knitting needle. Then you bleach the color out.

I couldn’t get the hang of pulling hair through the holes in the cap, so I took the cap off and picked up little sections of hair and bleached them. It sort of spread.

I don’t think this is what they meant by high lights/low lights.
Hang onto your hats ladies. I might need to borrow them.
“Do you want to borrow my hat. MG?”

I think I can fix it…We shall see what we shall see.