Murdo Girl…Out of the western sky comes

Sky King? Nope…Windy Lindy Berg…and Airy Heart

Windy and Airy are pilots for hire. Though the sky is their limit, they should fly much higher.

They’re very concerned with their flying appearance, but they pay no attention to their fly-over clearance.

Windy likes to live in the fast lane, but she gets her best sleep when she’s flying the airplane.


Airy has sometimes been known to go rogue, but she always looks like she just stepped out of Vogue.

They have many clients of whom they’re quite fond, but their favorite gig is flying over the pond.

They fly Queen E from Murdo to Great Britain. No matter where they go, they always fit in.

Last April when Queen E had a royal birthday, the pilots for hire flew over Buckingham way

HRH looked up!

“Take me to Murdo,” she shouted! I can’t stand it here. This balcony’s too crowded.”

So with help from some friends who threw her rope, they took off for Murdo on a real high note!

The sky was full of hot air balloons. Queen E. rode with MG because the note had no tunes.

Lav floated by and said, “What a hoot! There goes Pattycake with a heart parachute.”

There’s more fun to come… The Queen needs her tea. We’ll go to the cottage and have tea with MG

The End

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  1. lifelessons February 11, 2021 / 10:11 am

    Okay, Mary, I’ve written my talking house poem. I’ll be looking for yours. oxoxo


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