Murdo Girl…I don’t bite

My name is Pattie Ruth, and I have a story to tell. We had to leave our cold, dark, house and find a new place to dwell.

The cat stayed in the car too.

I thought I had it made here. My humans have been pretty nice, but now I know the truth. This is a fool’s paradise.

This is just ridiculous

We have no water or power. We slept in the car one night. I don’t understand why it’s dark in the house and outside it’s all white.

My humans said we can’t sleep here with two dogs and a cat in the car. The closest room was in Canton so we slid there and that’s where we are.

I hate walking through the snow. It really slows me down. My humans say the problem is that I’m built too close to the ground.

I pray all my animal friends can stay warm when it’s cold day and night. If it keeps on snowing we’ll all be snow dogs. Do teeth made of coal bite?

I’m not getting enough rest…