Murdo Girl…Can I go now?

Today I saw the doctor. The one who checks my eyes.

He told me I can’t see, which came as no surprise.

So where are ya’all from? I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here.

I have the beginnings, of what is called glaucoma

I’ve learned its not a good thing, if it ends in “oma.”

He also thought he’d mention that my cataracts are growing

“Are you finished, yet?” I asked. “I really must be going.”

This must be MG’s book. It’s in LARGE print

I got into my car with a prescription for eyeglasses.

I thought I should drive slowly, though everybody passes.

By the time I got back home, I had a real meltdown.

I couldn’t help but think, that my eyes had let me down.

Sometimes you do things that you know you might regret.

I don’t think I’ll make that dentist appointment, yet.

Does eating candy with the wrapper on keep you from getting cavities?