Murdo Girl… The men who served

It’s 5:20 a.m. and Kip and I are on our way to Dallas. He has to have some squamous cells removed. Something he has had to go through many times. He says it’s because he grew up living in Laramie, WY which is too close to the sun. I will have most of the day to write a story, but in the meantime, I want to post this poem I wrote about Pete Swinson a few years ago. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting his daughter, Sherri Miller, on two occasions. She and Dianna Diehm have become good friends through the blog. Both are fellow South Dakotans.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts about Mr. Swinson, who was in the Navy, and the picture he is standing next to.


When I saw this photo on Sherri Miller’s Facebook page, I was drawn to it. I felt it told a story. The poem is in honor of the man in the photo. His name is Pete Swinson. He is Sherri Miller’s Dad, and he is celebrating his birthday tomorrow with family and friends. What a great day!


Mr. Pete Swinson

This captured moment.. touched me and yet, this is a man I’ve never met.

The photo moved me. I wondered why. Just who was this stand-up guy?

I searched my thoughts to no avail. I looked long minutes at each detail.

First I noticed how he stood; like a man of honor would.

I saw the men he stood before. Did they depict a time of war?

Their salute with heads held high, must bring him thoughts of days gone by.

One hand was’s reflection. The other clenched in recollection?

He survived unlike some others. During wartime, they were all brothers.

His lips are set, in neither smile nor frown. Keeping tears from tumbling down.

When I look at him I see, a man of great humility.

His life went on. Family needs were met, but on that day, he was an honored Vet.

I saw his eyes. Windows to the soul. He’s a good man. One I’d like to know.


The poem is a reflection of what I see in the photograph, and what I know of this man’s daughter whom I have also never met. Sherri and I have become good friends without meeting. Her Dad must take after her right? I’m pretty sure Pete’s family adores him.

And if you have ever wondered..

What it’s like to be a hundred.

Pete’s having a birthday..and I’m told.

Tomorrow he will be 100 years old!

All the Best!