Murdo Girl…Redecorating

Redecorating is sure a lot of work. Especially if you’re doing it on a shoestring or I’m my case neckties. (I’ll explain more, later.)

I was inspired to add a little 4th of July color to the cottage so I took down the outside grapevine and foo foo that I have enjoyed since Yolie and I decorated the posts last year, and painstakingly transformed those same poles into what now resemble what you might see in front of a first rate barbershop. They are rather pretty at night with the lights on. Don’t forget to notice the blue footies.

I also made some changes on the inside to lose the winter and embrace the summer. I think it may be time to remove the curtains from the air conditioner.

Like my blinds?

Before looks junkie…

After…A little less congested

I love all three of our abodes… our not so tiny home, our motor home and the cottage. I have really become attached to the least of these…my cottage/clubhouse. Kip loves his garage.

I decided to add a couple of pics of his flowering cactus.

I almost forgot to shoe you what I’m purchasing ($5) to add a bit of color to the porch. Do you think it will tie into everything else?