Murdo Girl…Gone..The book

Arf watched as I opened the book he had brought to me.

 I looked at the picture. “What do you want me to see?


The woman and the little girl danced their carefree dance.

You could see the love between them in their loving glance.

I didn’t know the woman, which seemed strange because…you see

 I knew the child…That little girl was me.


“I don’t understand, Arf. Why are we going back in time?”

And why do I keep hearing the whistle and bell chime?”

I’d heard the whisper at the well,  “You are ready to move on.

 Look back for just a moment to make sure the past is gone.” 


“I think maybe we should leave, Arf. The more I see, the less I know.”

He came to me and licked my hand. My tears began to flow.

My eyes went to the book, I turned it over in my hands.

 I saw the author’s name. I knew I had to change my plans.


First I heard the whisper. Then I heard the bell.

Something unknown gripped my heart. A fear I could not quell.


I heard the familiar whistling. The soft voice filled the air.

“If you want to get someplace, you have to leave nowhere.