Murdo Girl…The essence of Queen E

I just finished watching a documentary on the life of Queen Elizabeth. What a remarkable woman she is.

Many of you know that I have had a lot of fun featuring her in my blogs through the years. The truth is, aside from the hat captions and our visits with her on both sides of the pond, I greatly admire her.

I have a crown just like this one…

I think I’m drawn to the regal, classy demeanor she has displayed all of these years. The old girl might live in the lap of luxury, but she has been through some difficult times.

She takes her position seriously, yet does not take the adoration personally. What I mean is, she hopes and believes it is her position as the Queen, that the public holds in high esteem. Does that make sense? I think the next in line will definitely be challenged trying to fill her shoes. I mean she’s iconic.

The only thing the documentary noted as being a time the public was disappointed in her was when Princess Dianna was killed. The Queen did not make remarks right away. She took her family, including Dianna’s two sons, to Balmoral where they stayed in seclusion for a time. She came to understand how much Dianna was loved and as the Queen, she needed to acknowledge the tragedy that had befallen her former daughter-in-law and mother of her grandsons. When she did speak, it was “As your Queen” in context, but still heartfelt.

I can understand why she might have wanted to give them that time to absorb what had happened.

I think that later today I’ll get out the Diamond Jubilee teacup that my friend, Jean, gave me, make a cup of tea and toast Queen Elizabeth…

Long Live the Queen!