Murdo Girl…Here comes the rain

It has been a while since I posted on the blog. I have over scheduled myself. I had two of my beautiful grandsons here for several days and I’ve been trying to help out at the library. Wednesday, I facilitated an art class with too many kiddos to count. Or maybe my eyes glazed over when I saw them all. They painted a self portrait with acrylic paint. Need I say more? They had a blast, but the clean-up crew will never forgive me.

On Thursday, we had an Einstein Science Fair. I demonstrated the Whoopie Jug. You put alcohol in a five gallon jug, roll it around to coat it and drop a match inside. It whoops…loud. I think I ruined the jug, but I found one online for $37.00 so I’ll be covered. I also spilled the 91% alcohol on the floor. The lady who was teaching me, handled it very well. She finally said, “She will be putting on her goggles” loud enough to sink in.

After the fair, the boys and I swam in the lake, played putt putt golf, went to the park where they shot baskets, and got ice cream. At 9:30 p.m. they talked me into taking them to a movie that was having it’s first showing that night. It was actually pretty good. The eight year old said everything was “interesting” and he used the word, literally a lot. I’m tired of the words, Literary, Literature, literacy, and literally. Not really…I have really been enjoying myself, but you can understand why other things have been knocked off the list. 

I wrote this poem tonight. Even kids can feel it when something isn’t quite right…

Here comes the rain…

We were playing in the vacant lot and felt a cold chill.

The dark clouds hovered over us and the air was still.

Should we stay and stand close to that old shed?

Or should we run for it and find a safe place up ahead?

I was thankful the decision wasn’t mine to make.

My older cousin said the clouds would soon begin to break.

Here comes the rain…

Hours later, we were still standing by the shed.

What if lightening strikes us? We’ll all be dead!

My older cousin said that was a foolish thought.

She said I was worried all for naught.

The lightning struck this old shed years ago.

See the hole in the roof where the chimney used to go?

Yes, this place has paid the price.

And lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Here comes the rain…

It wasn’t at all like she said it would be.

A torrential rain was pouring down on me.

Our moms will think we’re the ones to blame.

We should have sense enough to come in from the rain.

I’ve learned my lesson well today.

It will be days before I’ll get to play.

I’ll show Mom how I’ll handle cousin conflict.

Then maturely ask her if she could be less strict.

That older cousin who just won’t let me be?

I’ll tell her she’s not the boss of me!

Here comes the rain…

The cutie in the pigtails just welcomed her first grandchild. He was born on our Grandpa Sanderson’s birthday…

One thought on “Murdo Girl…Here comes the rain

  1. sanjuan831 July 8, 2021 / 11:26 am

    Hey, thanks for mentioning me in that good old Murdo summer photo of our beautiful cousins!
    I cannot believe you did that science experiment. You lit that on fire!? Did you prove your hypothesis? You are an Artist and scientist and writer and volunteer!? Lots of accomplishments for
    the cute little girl from Murdo—- literally.


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