Murdo Girl…Left to our own devices

I have a watch that tells me how many steps I walk.

A cell phone that keeps track of all the times I talk.

We start the car from the house and it’s cool when we get in.

I have GPS to tell me how to get where I’ve not been.

My kids use an app to keep track of family.

They know where everybody is…now that seems weird to me.

We all have an abundance of these time saving devices.

We want to buy them all no matter what the price is.

We keep all these trackers in front of our noses.

And never ever take the time to stop and smell the roses.

I remember when I was young my friends would always cackle

Our wrists told us the time was, “A hair passed a freckle.”

We didn’t need a watch. We wouldn’t have watched it anyway.

Why would we count the steps we took as we played the day away?

I see people headed for the gym in their cute leotards

But they drive around so they can park within two or three yards

When I was growing up, even Mom drank lots of milk

We consumed several fattening things made from the bovine ilk.

Mom joined us in heaping helpings of cherry pie alamode

Though not thin, she was never fat. and her back was never bowed.

I’m not saying to ignore the things we have and what we’ve learned.

I think that sometimes what we know makes us too concerned.