Murdo Girl…Getting out of cold water

Let’s see. Where were we? Oh yes. It’s a cold and windy day in the old town. Its almost too much for Detective W. Spade to handle. All that gum on his shoes was starting to wear on him, not to mention his good shoes. Et Al, also known as MG and Lav, were being held hostage near the North Dam (Probably in some dark and scary abandon shack.) As near as we can figure they are both captivated by one of the Cross brothers. We think that because his brother, Chris Cross told us he saw them there and they had dried concrete on their feet. It appeared that the cross Cross brother was heading for the dam with them.

Back to the dam: Berferd is in the shadows. He’s going to wait until the last minute and jump on the cross Cross brother right before he pushes the girls into the water. They would have to figure out how to get the concrete off their shoes by themselves. He wished they would hurry. The show uptown started in a couple of hours and he always goes to the show.

Back at the gingerbread house W Spade was trying to get the gum off his shoes, He had used the last of the Goo be Gone that morning. The gum had caused him to stick to the floor so when he tried to walk, only the top part went. he fell into the office chair which began to spin and the phone cord wound around his neck. (This would be an embarrassing scene if someone walked in.) It was Thursday and Friday had the afternoon so W. Spade was at the beck and call of his victims… The phone rang.


The voice on the end of the line said the girls were both in trouble.

W. better get his detective self to the North Dam on the double.

The cross Cross brother was out of sorts and Et Al were in his way.

If W Spade wanted to keep Et Al then he would have to pay.

W: I’m tired of paying smackaroos when I haven’t earned a dime.

A detective’s life is not his own. He’s always solving a crime.

Et Al need to learn the trade and save themselves instead.

Detective work is hard… some lesser slicks wind up dead.

I think I’ll fill up the El Camino and head westward later on.

but first I have to find the guy that Chris Cross Stumbled upon.


I know you’re all mighty anxious to hear what happens next

I found the dead guy who wasn’t dead but he sure was perplexed.

Vivian guy: I came all the way from Vivian to ask a girl to the dance.

The home of the Vivian dance. Oh the stories it could tell.

I tripped and fell and hit my head before I got the chance.

Say, do you know two guys from Presho that go by the name of Cross?’,

W: I saw them leave town with two girls… I guess their gain was your loss.

Who were you sweet on Vivian guy? Was her name Et or Al?

W noticed the Vivian guy had a real South Vivian drawl.

Don’t answer that said W Spade be glad you had that fall.

Et Al have concrete on their feet so they can’t dance at all

The End

Al: What are we going to do about all of our sunglasses ET?

Et: I don’t know Al. I feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs.

Al: Must be the rhubarb milkshakes or maybe it’s the concrete boots.

Next…a true Halloween story

7 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Getting out of cold water

  1. sanjuan831 October 5, 2021 / 11:14 am

    I went with Jeff H. one summer to a Draper dance. Was in a daze and looked at all the way people were dressed and having fun, but was a bit rough though. Yes, let’s talk in July 2022…if we are able.


  2. lifelessons October 4, 2021 / 10:30 pm

    How did you happen to have a photo of the locale of the Vivian dances? They were legendary, were they not?


    • Mary Francis McNinch October 4, 2021 / 10:35 pm

      Someone sent the photo to me a few years ago. What happened at the Vivian Dance didn’t necessarily stay there.:)


      • lifelessons October 4, 2021 / 11:58 pm

        I’m just amazed how many generations went there. My sister Betty, Patti and I all went to Vivian dances.. and you did. Betty was 11 years older than me, Patti 4 years older. How many years younger than me were you? I graduated in ’65. I bet your mom went to Vivian dances!!!


      • Mary Francis McNinch October 5, 2021 / 5:52 am

        I graduated in 1970. Billy also went to dances in White River. They had dances every other week in Draper when I was in HS. I don’t remember them that well. We’ll have to get a group together at the reunion to talk about the Vivian dances.


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