Murdo Girl…A modern day wagon train

Since Kip and I are taking the slow road home, I started comparing our trip to what it must have been like for the early day settlers. Did they have some of the same challenges as we modern RVers do?

Ma: Pa! Where is the rest of the wagon train? Are you lost again? I swear…you never foller directions. They said to turn right at the third Joshua Tree.

Pa: They said I should turn in the direction of the hand I eat with. I eat with both hands. I’m guess’n I got a little confused.


Kip: Why do I hear three GPS voices?

MG: Because I don’t trust the RV GPS. She gets stuck all of the time, and I put the address in your phone by accident. It must have fallen under your seat. I have mine on for reassurance.

After a while…

Pa: I think we’re going in circles. We’re back in that place that is going to turn into a Lake Havasu some day. Why are we repeating ourselves? I thought we were conquering new frontiers.

Ma: You’ll have to ask the head wagon. They’re up front with the two dogs and a grumpy cat.

Rylie’s favorite spot…
This is where the dogs ran this afternoon…

It’s true…we are back in Lake Havasu City for three days. We were late getting in, we’re tired, and we needed to do laundry, clean the jeep, and clear out the RV, again. I also had some paperwork to do and after a week or so on the road, there is always something that needs attention. It’s still a whole lot of fun. We camped at Pismo Beach a couple of years ago and saw a very expensive motor home with a big dent in the side. The owner had taped a sign on the dent that read, “There are no bad days when you’re on an RV trip.”

The dogs are beginning to get used to waking up in a whole new world most days. They love to find new places to run and play and remind us that they are just pups…and we are not!

We will head for Yuma on the 31st and spend New Years there. I hear they have an old prison that’s pretty interesting. Hopefully, there will be other sightseeing opportunities as well.

On the drive from Sequoia National Park. We spent one night a few miles south of Barstow.

Pa: I’m running out of clean britches. Do you need me to get the wash board out for you tonight, Ma?

Ma: Only if we camp by a creek, Pa…

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  1. lifelessons December 29, 2021 / 11:36 pm

    I often think of this not only when I’m traveling by car, but also while flying.


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