Murdo Girl…What beach?

We drove the 300 miles to Corpus Christi yesterday. The day was sunny and warm. We saw some pretty Texas country and arrived in Corpus just in time for the rain. We had reserved a spot at an RV park that is a little on the expensive side but right on the beach. It’s built on a peninsula, so everyone has a water view. I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Bridge over the Rio Grande
Mom’s maiden name is Sanderson. The town of Sanderson is in Terrell County, Texas, which is the way some spell my Grandma’s maiden name (Tyrell).
Give us a break, Nellie. Every day can’t be exciting.

Today, I washed clothes while Kip took the Jeep to get it washed. Later, we went to Office Depot in the rain so I could make copies of some forms I need to send in for Gus. I must have shown my disappointment in the weather, because the little girl helping me handed me my folder of forms, said there would be no charge and to have a nice night.

We looked at the forecast and extended our stay until Monday because Sunday is supposed to be sunny and warm. I guess I’ll clean house tomorrow. It’s really tough to care for the dogs when it rains. They don’t like to do their business or go for long walks.

We grabbed a burger at McDonald’s on the way home from doing the laundry. I saw this cart packed with the belongings of a homeless woman. I felt grateful that I am not living in that kind of situation…although, she has a pretty cool looking teapot.

A homeless camper