Murdo Girl…Hungry or not, here we come!

We have been eating our way through Rockport. We got to our friends, Molly and Cary Cline’s home Monday, in time to enjoy a delicious pork loin dinner, followed by ice cream topped salted caramel brownies. Now, that’s a mouthful. When we got home to our RV, I told Kip I was going to cook for them the following night. He didn’t stop laughing for five minutes. I dropped it.

Yesterday, we went to Kip’s favorite breakfast place in Rockport. It was so awesome that I forgot to take a picture of my food. Later in the day, we took the ferry to Port Aransas and walked along the jetty, where I got a photo of dolphins jumping in front of the ship. We stopped for a double scoop of yummy ice cream. I had mine on a waffle cone.

Kip and Cary talking to a fisherman

Last night, we went to Poncho’s Pizza. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kip and I are going to shop a little at the world’s 2nd largest Ace Hardware Store. We went last year and they have everything. It’s a fun place. We’re going with Cary and Molly to a new BBQ place for lunch, and then Molly and I are going shopping. I might need some bigger clothes.

Tomorrow, we head for our last stop before heading home. Lake Livingston KOA is beautiful, and there is a great little Café there.

I’m sure Molly and Cary will be glad to see Kip go. He starts planning his next meal before he finishes his last one. All I have to do is eat.