Murdo Girl…Some things never change

I have an inability. It’s time for me to own it.

It drives some people crazy and there’s no one who’ll condone it.

It gives me many problems of the stressful kind.

And if the truth be known, it’s such a waste of time.

If I have a stack of papers and must put them all in order,

I spend hour after hour reordering disorder.

I find and lose the stack more than once or twice

Those who wait until I’m done are those who pay the price

Don’t give me a task with double digits and a spread sheet.

Before I’ve even started, I’ll admit defeat.

No matter how much storage space I have on my devices,

I never hit delete, so “to find” becomes a crisis.

Now that I’ve confessed that I’m the Queen of disaray,,

If we practice some acceptance, everyone will be okay.

We’re going to school…